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Wall Street Journal Taps Stanford Expertise

Apr 18 2022

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20/20 Blog

Palo Alto, CA — A Wall Street Journal article on age-related retinal tears and detachments features an interview with Stanford’s Vinit Mahajan MD, PhD, professor of ophthalmology and vice chair for ophthalmology research. Health columnist and contributor to WSJ special reports Laura Landro also notes the recent research of Natalia Callaway MD, MS, clinical assistant professor in ophthalmology, that found women were less likely to receive surgery for retinal detachments.

Emphasizing the potential blinding effects of retinal tears, Landro details symptoms patients should look for, available treatments, and research aimed at improving retinal health. She touches on Dr. Mahajan’s use of the Stanford Ophthalmology biorepository to collect and analyze eye fluids to identify the molecular causes and potential treatments for retinal degeneration, including metabolites that could restore retinal health.

Mahajan emphasized the important role a healthy lifestyle that includes an anti-inflammatory diet and regular exercise can play on the life cycle of retinal cells.

Mahajan said, “Landro’s article is important because it has the potential to reach thousands of readers and could motivate people to get their eyes examined. A simple eye exam can save or prolong vision, which has a significant impact on quality of life as we age.”

(Banner illustration by Alton Szeto and Vinit Mahajan)