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Calpain-5 mutations cause autoimmune uveitis, retinal neovascularization, and photoreceptor degeneration., Mahajan, Vinit B., Skeie Jessica M., Bassuk Alexander G., Fingert John H., Braun Terry A., Daggett Heather T., Folk James C., Sheffield Val C., and Stone Edwin M. , PLoS Genet, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 10, p.e1003001, (2012)
Microarray analysis of corneal fibroblast gene expression after interleukin-1 treatment., Mahajan, Vinit B., Wei Cui, and McDonnell Peter J. , Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 2002 Jul, Volume 43, Issue 7, p.2143-51, (2002)
Thrombin receptor signaling to cytoskeleton requires Hsp90., Pai, K S., Mahajan V B., Lau A, and Cunningham D D. , J Biol Chem, 2001 Aug 31, Volume 276, Issue 35, p.32642-7, (2001)