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Biobanking of Human Aqueous and Vitreous Liquid Biopsies for Molecular Analyses.

TitleBiobanking of Human Aqueous and Vitreous Liquid Biopsies for Molecular Analyses.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsWolf, Julian, Chemudupati Teja, Kumar Aarushi, Rasmussen Ditte K., Wai Karen M., Chang Robert T., Montague Artis A., Tang Peter H., Bassuk Alexander G., Dufour Antoine, Mruthrunjaya Prithvi, and Mahajan Vinit B.
JournalJ Vis Exp
Date Published2023 Sep 11

A critical challenge in translational research is establishing a viable and efficient interface between patient care in the operating room (OR) and the research laboratory. Here, we developed a protocol for acquiring high-quality liquid biopsies for molecular analyses from the aqueous humor and the vitreous from patients undergoing eye surgery. In this workflow, a Mobile Operating Room Lab Interface (MORLI) cart equipped with a computer, a barcode scanner, and lab instruments, including onboard cold storage, is used to obtain and archive human biological samples. A web-based data privacy-compliant database enables annotating each sample over its lifetime, and a cartesian coordinate system allows tracking each barcoded specimen in storage, enabling quick and accurate retrieval of samples for downstream analyses. Molecular characterization of human tissue samples not only serves as a diagnostic tool (e.g., to distinguish between infectious endophthalmitis and other non-infectious intraocular inflammation) but also represents an important component of translational research, allowing the identification of new drug targets, development of new diagnostic tools, and personalized therapeutics.

Alternate JournalJ Vis Exp
PubMed ID37747194