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We conduct studies to develop safer, more efficient surgery in patients.

Evidence-based approaches for new surgical treatments and research to discover the molecular causes.


Jul 28 2021 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — In the 2021 Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP), students from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds spent five weeks engaging in a fully remote program that featured faculty lectures, professional development workshops, virtual networking events, and a publ
Jul 6 2021 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA – As genetic testing and molecular biomarkers open new avenues for medical care, researchers are more reliant on samples from human subjects than ever.
May 24 2021 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — I recently listened to The Edge Effecton NPR’s Hidden Brain, an episode focusing on the benefits of diversity.
May 6 2021 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — Most people today, including many physicians, see the hypodermic needle as a mundane instrument that isn’t worth a second thought. This is not so for eye surgeons.
Dec 21 2020 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — Marcus Toral, a medical scientist training program student, completing his scientific training in the Mahajan Lab, successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at his defense seminar on December 10, 2020. 


Telegenetics for inherited retinal diseases in the COVID-19 environment., Al-Moujahed, Ahmad, Kumar Aarushi, Chemudupati Teja, Tsang Stephen H., and Mahajan Vinit B. , Int J Retina Vitreous, 2021 Mar 29, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.25, (2021)