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We conduct studies to develop safer, more efficient surgery in patients.

Evidence-based approaches for new surgical treatments and research to discover the molecular causes.


Aug 19 2020 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — Retinal detachment surgery is an emergency procedure that prevents blindness, but research from Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute shows women may be treated differently than men.
Jul 3 2020 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Dear Colleagues,
Jun 11 2020 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog, Press
Palo Alto, CA — Despite progressively losing his vision to a genetic retinal degenerative disease, Michael Stone, an athlete and small business owner, is active, optimistic, and determined.
Mar 31 2020 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — On an international Zoom conference, Gabriel Velez, an M.D., Ph.D. student in the Mahajan Lab, successfully presented his Ph.D. thesis defense seminar. 
Oct 30 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Santa Cruz, CA — Members of the Mahajan Lab attended Stanford’s Department of Structural Biology Scientific Retreat held in Santa Cruz at the Chaminade Resort.