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Genomics Lab

We are using next-generation DNA-sequencing technologies to analyze whole genomes, in addition to the more traditional whole exome approach, in order to identify the underlying genetic cause to disease. The information gained from these high throughput techniques allows us to better diagnose patients as well as more accurately develop animal models.

In population genetic studies, we also genomics technologies to identify risk factors for eye diseases. We are mapping genes for uveitis, macular dystrophies, and retinal degenerations. Other projects include understanding gene expression patterns during retinal development, corneal inflammation, squamous cell carcinoma, and in specialized eye tissues such as the retinal pigment epithelium and ciliary body.


Predicting the effects of disease mutations using structural bioinformatics.


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Palo Alto, CA — A study by the Mahajan Lab, in close collaboration with Rajesh Rao’s lab at the University of Michigan, helps improve our understanding of vitreoretinal lymphomas (VRLs) and demonstrates how liquid vitreous biopsies c
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Palo Alto, CA — Despite progressively losing his vision to a genetic retinal degenerative disease, Michael Stone, an athlete and small business owner, is active, optimistic, and determined.
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Palo Alto, CA — Is there something to feed retinal cells that can give them the energy to withstand gene mutations that make them sick?


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