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Patient Care During COVID-19

Jun 12 2020

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Palo Alto, CA — Dr. Mahajan is committed to the health and safety of his patients in the current COVID-19 environment. 

Mahajan said, “Early on we instituted a number of policies and procedures throughout the Byers Eye Institute to ensure patient and staff safety. These procedures were very successful. Recent testing using Stanford-developed COVID-19 tests showed that our staff has not been infected.” 

“We continue to implement these safety procedures, and we are now open for clinic visits and surgical procedures. Things are moving a little slower, but the extra safety measures are worth it. A letter from our department was sent out to our patients and is shown below,” he added.

Letter from the Byers Eye Institute

During these uncertain times, we want you to know we are here for you when you need us. As we follow public health guidelines, the Byers Eye Institute is pleased to continue caring for our patients through in-person as well as video visits. We value very highly the privilege of serving you, and want you to know that we are taking active steps to provide your eye care at the highest level of quality and safety.  Please connect with us so we can help address your eye and vision care needs. 

Safety Practices 

We want to reassure you that you will be safe while visiting us. The Byers Eye Institute has implemented practices to keep everyone safe when they come into our building. We have also begun routine testing on our providers and staff for COVID-19 to ensure even greater safety. With these safety practices, we have had very few health care workers test positive within our entire health system.

All our clinics also practice physical distancing throughout their buildings and actively screen for symptoms at entry points to ensure those with any symptoms of respiratory illness do not enter. For patients diagnosed with COVID-19, we offer services at separate clinics that have extra equipment and staff.  

To maintain safety and to prevent viral infections in the clinics and operating rooms:

1.     The premises are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.

2.     Every exam room is put through an extensive cleaning protocol after each patient leaves the room at the close of their visit. This protocol includes cleaning all instruments used for patient examination, all surfaces in the room (including exam chairs), any bottles of eye drops or lenses used, and all computers and keyboards.

3.     Patients are expected to be seen alone, but in certain cases can be accompanied by not more than 1 person/guardian/spouse/parent. This request reflects our need to minimizing crowding in the registration areas/waiting rooms. Your accompanying person can wait for you in the car during your clinic visit or operation.

4.     All people including patients and staff/providers are being screened for symptoms and measured for elevated temperatures ≥100°F before entering the buildings. If you have a temperature or positive symptoms, you will be directed to be seen by your primary care doctor unless this visit is an ophthalmic emergency. If the visit is an emergency, the physician will be called to assess you using a dedicated room outside of the regular clinic. All personnel caring for you will wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

5.     Consistent with public health guidance, we ask that all who visit and work in our clinic wear a mask. If you do not have an appropriate mask, we will ensure you are provided a mask upon your arrival. You will also be asked to perform hand hygiene with sanitizer when you enter the building.   

Virtual Care Options

We have ample capacity for virtual visits. You can request a video visit by contacting us at 650-723-6995. If we determine during the video visit that your needs require an in-person visit, we will arrange one. We have updated our video-visit software for improved performance on most computer internet browsers and on the MyHealth app on your smart phone. We will provide any help you need to have a successful video visit!

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you. We are committed to providing a safe environment for you as well to providing outstanding ophthalmic clinical care, and we remain fully committed to preventing any worsening eye or vision problems you experience during this period and always. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 650-723-6995.

Wishing you the very best health,

The Byers Eye Institute