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ProSave, a New Tool to Analyze Big Data

Nov 13 2018

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20/20 Blog

Palo Alto, CA — When Daniel Machlab, a bioengineering student in the Mahajan lab, started working on large proteomics datasets, he noticed a problem. Conventional software processing resulted in the scattered loss of several data points among the millions of data points identified. Restoring the lost data required intensive, time-consuming, manual correction. There had to be a better solution. 

Under the supervision of graduate student Gabriel Velez, Daniel coded “ProSave,” a software program designed to restore quantitative data to manipulated lists of protein IDs from larger shotgun proteomics datasets. ProSave is different from other currently-available bioinformatic tools: it is free, open-source, and user-friendly. 

“The ProSave software allows more rapid and precise data analysis of proteins in eye disease. It will help the Mahajan lab team identify important disease molecules faster and reach cures sooner,” Daniel said.

A research manuscript describing the software, “ProSave: an application for restoring quantitative data to manipulated subsets of protein lists,” was published in Source Code for Biology and Medicine. 

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