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Teja Recognized as Employee of the Quarter

Dec 20 2019

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20/20 Blog

Palo Alto, CA — Mahajan lab member Teja Chemudupati was chosen by his Byers Eye Institute peers as Employee of the Quarter. Teja has worked with the lab since 2018 as a Clinical Research Coordinator and has been instrumental in building and managing the ophthalmology biorepository at Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute. 

The biorepository collection system requires surgeons and a team of operating room technicians, nurses, and clinical research coordinators to work closely together to collect, process, catalog, and store eye tissues using standardized procedures that maintain the integrity of tissue samples. Teja’s work ethic, intelligence, and friendly demeaner keep this complex process running smoothly. 

Another major focus of the Mahajan clinical team is providing genetic testing for inherited eye disease. Along with molecular analysis of eye tissues, Teja’s work is so important, because discoveries in rare diseases, eye cancers, and autoimmune diseases have already been made using tissues from the ophthalmology biorepository. 

Teja is known for his positive, productive interactions with other Stanford employees, but he is also recognized for his compassion working with patients suffering from a genetic disease. Teja makes sure that patients who choose to enroll in Stanford clinical research programs understand the purpose, procedures, possible risks and benefits, as well as the time commitment required. He regularly communicates with patients and their families. 

Teja’s research interests include gene therapy, CRISPR gene editing, the neuroscience of aging, and driving an interdisciplinary approach to research-based medicine.

Queenie Wilwayco – Benmour, Administrative Supervisor and Vitreoretinal Fellowship Coordinator, was also recognized with the Employee of the Quarter award for her hard work, creativity, leadership, and wealth of knowledge. 

Dr. Mahajan said, “I have had the privilege of working closely with both Teja and Queenie, and I can say firsthand that their outstanding work has moved the ophthalmology department forward. Interacting with them is a real pleasure, and our patients appreciate their dedication.”