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Jan 27 2016 | Posted In: Press
Edited stem cells offer hope of precision therapy for blindness Findings raise the possibility of treating blinding eye diseases using a patient's own corrected cells as replacement tissue UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HEALTH CARE
Sep 8 2014 | Posted In: Press
Jun 25 2013 | Posted In: Press
(CBS News) For generations, a single family in Iowa has faced a common enemy: blindness. The cause: a rare, genetic disease, striking dozens of relatives. But now, science could bring a cure into focus. This story is part of the "CBS This Morning" series "Eye Opening Breakthrough."
Apr 28 2012 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog, Press
Optimizing surgeon positioning and instrumentation relative to the eye is critical for successful ophthalmic microsurgery. Positional preferences have evolved over time with changing instrumentation and operative techniques. Most cataract surgeons now perform phacoemulsification from a temporal...