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Devgan Cataract Tray

Devgan Micro Capsulorhexis Forceps

The ultra-fine tips of this cross action forceps are ideal for todays small incision procedures, even with 2.0mm coaxial phaco incisions. The mildly sharpened tips allow the surgeon to puncture the capsule without the need to open with a cystotome. By slightly tilting the forceps and entering the capsule with one tip, the surgeon can then close the forceps to securely grab the lens capsule for Capsulorhexis formation. The iris stop feature allows the surgeon excellent grasp of the capsule without engaging the iris. Gently curved tip follows the intra-ocular anatomical contour and the modified round handle allows for comfortable hand position during the capsulotomy. The cross action handle allows for excellent alignment of the fine tips, reducing wound gape, loss of viscoelastic and AC shallowing. Manufactured in titanium for durability, and reduced glare and weight. 

Devgan-Lieberman Lid Speculum

This popular lightweight titanium lid speculum has been configured to provide excellent retraction of the lids while keeping the adjustments over the bridge of the nose which keeps the temporal region at the incision free from any obstruction by the speculum. The screw-type adjustment provides an infinitely variable degree of lid exposure and fitment for all patient types, especially those with deep orbits. The wire arms are thin in order to be unobtrusive and allow the plastic drapes to tuck into the conjunctival fornices. 

Devgan-Seibel Fixation Ring

The off-set design of this instrument ensures the ring maintains it's level perspective independent of hand positioning and eases placement on the globe. Marks on the top of the ring are spaced 60 degrees on either side of the center of the ring opening which serve as a guide for placement of a paracentesis 60 degrees from the temporal clear corneal incision in coaxial phaco, or for placement of the two micro incisions 120 degrees apart in bi-manual split-irrigation phaco. The closed side of the fixation ring features marks that are 30 degrees (1 clock hour) apart from each other which serves as a guide for the limbal relaxing incision nomograms that use clock hours of incision length for dioptric correction of astigmatism. The diamond blade footplates can be directed along the edge of the fixation ring to ensure smooth, curved incisions. Manufactured of durable lightweight titanium.