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Surgical Phenomics

Capturing surgical events for careful clinical studies has always been a challenge. We have developed software instruments to rapidly investigate the benefits of new surgical treatments, educate new surgeons, and identify complications. 

By developing powerful databases with simplified access and query processes, we are linking the operating room to the laboratory and to clinical research teams. 

This structure has allowed high throughput interrogation of intraoperative features where we can quickly identify retinal phenotypes. The result is rapid identification of surgical complications, methods to avoid and treat complications, and correlations with molecular fingerprints that point to new therapeutic targets. 

Using these instruments, we have published several important peer-reviewed articles in medical journals.


Jun 21 2011 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
We recently published a paper on our experience using the Retisert implant for sympathetic ophthalmia in the Journal Ophthalmology. Implantation into the eyes of eight patients stabilized vision, provided inflammatory control, and reduced dependence on systemic immunosuppression.


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