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20 / 20 Blog Archive

Dec 4 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — Research from the Mahajan lab was featured on the cover of Human Mutation'sDecember 2019 issue, highlighting their manuscript, “CAPN5 genetic inactivation phenotype supports therapeutic inhibition trials.” 
Nov 4 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Cold Spring Harbor, NY — Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) technical science courses attract talented science students, instructors, and speakers from around the world, and their emphasis on creating a hands-on, immersive experience for a small number of participants makes admission extremely...
Oct 31 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA —The ability to obtain high resolution crystal structures of proteins has shifted drug design into a new age. Computationally aided drug design is being increasingly used to expedite and simplify the drug discovery process. The ability to visualize the protein binding site allows...
Oct 30 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Santa Cruz, CA — Members of the Mahajan Lab attended Stanford’s Department of Structural Biology Scientific Retreat held in Santa Cruz at the Chaminade Resort. The retreat gave students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty the opportunity to share their most recent research findings.
Oct 16 2019 | Posted In: 20/20 Blog
Palo Alto, CA — A gene therapy clinical trial for Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is beginning at the Byers Eye Institute under the direction of Vinit Mahajan M.D., Ph.D., associate professor and Vice Chair for Research in Ophthalmology. The trial is in partnership with Gyroscope, an ...