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Dr. Mahajan’s lab provides an immersive,  intensive training environment for students and fellows to discover the molecular mechanisms that cause blindness and develop therapies to prevent vision loss. Highly collaborative research teams are made up of scientists, surgeons, and engineers from around the world, interacting on a daily basis and using advanced scientific methods.

Undergraduate Students

Caitlin Kunchur

Caitlin is a first-year undergraduate student planning on studying bioengineering or biomedical computation. She is currently interested in drug design, personalized medicine, and molecular diagnostics. On campus, she is involved in Stanford Students in Biodesign (SSB) and is a member of Stanford’s Biological Interdisciplinary Open Maker Environment (BIOME).

Richard Phan

Richard is a first-generation sophomore undergraduate student interested in the biological sciences and clinical medicine. He aspires to become a physician and hopes to ameliorate disparities in health care, especially in underdeveloped countries. Outside of academics, he is a co-chair of Stanford’s Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA).

Jennifer Vu

Jennifer is currently a third-year undergraduate studying human biology and education. She is interested in proteomics, personalized medicine, and the structural biology of blinding eye disease proteins. On campus, she is involved with the Global Health Student Council.